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June 26, 2017

Healthy rivalry all in a good cause



We like nothing better than a challenge. It’s why a few of us have signed up to get pelted with paint while running 5k in aid of Burnley’s Pendleside Hospice. That colourful event isn’t until September, but we’re getting in training with a Fitbit Workweek Hustle. Four of us, all Fitbit addicts, are going to see who can record the most steps in the working week and hope, along the way, to collect some more funds for the hospice. Next week we’ll be fighting for the privilege of fetching coffee and discovering sandwich shops at the very limits of our territory. If you see Jackie, Jonny, Gina or Mel down your way, treading boldly and checking their wrist, remind them they’ve got a desk and a job to do, turn them around and send them back.

Oh, and sponsor us, please.

Burnley colour dash

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