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October 19, 2020

9 is the magic number

We have entered in to 2020 with 5 branches in Manchester, Burnley, Doncaster, Liverpool and Birmingham. Our business plan for the year was to open a further 3 offices to sustain continued growth then the pandemic struck and we were scratching our heads around our whether to move forward.

We have just approached Q4 and happy to confirm we have just opened our 4th office this year taking us to a magic number of 9 offices across the whole of the UK. Over the last 3 months Ideal Recruit have hired additional 24 internal staff and promoted 11 of our current team. We are also working very hard behind the scenes to make sure our services are market leading.

Dorian Dyer said:

We have had to adapt our internal processes to the current climate and worked around the clock with our developers to make sure our service model fits within the challenging market we currently face. Ideal have released our new version of online application form which limit the time spent on our interview process from 45min to around 10min improving the overall end to end experience. The Ideal Recruit Group is also making a number of changes to become eco-friendly by implementing paperless applications, upgrading our car fleet to electric cars and also support charities such as Plant the Tree. We have made a commitment to a number of clients by planting a tree for every successful worker placed within their business. I would like to thank all our people and clients who have played their part in our aggressive expansion plan which still has a long way to go. Stay tuned!

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