Ideal Recruit & ASDA ADC Lutterworth Handout

Ideal Recruit & ASDA ADC Lutterworth Handout

Personal details and bank details:

Please note all colleagues working for Ideal Recruit must have their own bank details – either in their own name or joint accounts set up with their relative partners. If a colleagues hasn’t provided their bank details during our registration process, they will be required email them to our Payroll Team at – please note the email must contain the colleague’s full name, work place, bank name, account holder’s name, account number, sort code and their valid mobile number. Please note same process applies to changing any other personal / contact details. Once the payroll team receives the updated details, they will call the colleague back to verify the information provided and only then we’ll be able to update the details on our system. Please note we are unable to update your details any other way.

Working hours and absences:

Each colleague will receive a permanent*1 rota confirming their working days and their days off. Please note each colleagues is expected to work 5 out of 7 days – including weekends. Please note the rota you’ll be given will aim to give you one out of four weekends off.

All absences and sickness must be reported to dedicated Ideal Recruit account manager at least 2 hours before the start of scheduled shift. Failure to do may lead to disciplinary action or/and termination of your temporary assignment. If you’re running late for your shift, always notify your dedicated account manager so we can inform your Department Managers.

If you are displaying any covid-19 symptoms or you’ve been traced by NHS please DO NOT attend your shift or come to site and inform your dedicated account manager at your earliest convenience.


You are responsible for ensuring you arrive at work early enough to enable you to begin work at your appointed start time. Your start time is the time you are expected to actually start work, not the time you are expected to arrive at your normal place of work. Likewise, you are required to remain at work and actually working at least until your appointed finish time, unless granted authorisation by your line manager to leave early. The same principles apply to lunch breaks.


All holiday requests must be submitted in advance to your Ideal Recruit representative via the dedicated holiday email line and you’ll receive a confirmation of your holiday request being approved/declined usually within 72 hours of request being made. Please note all holiday requests are subject to availability and you if your request is declined, you’ll be required to attend your shift as usual. We will always do our best to try to accommodate all of our colleagues’ requests. Your dedicated holiday line is . Your email must include your full name, work place and your specific request including dates. Please note the holiday line is also used to request P45s and outstanding holiday accruals if you ever leave the job / get taken on permanently by the client. 

Swiping & signing in / out:

All colleagues must swipe in on arrival for work and out at the end of the day as per the Swipe Card Procedure. Colleagues must only swipe their own card. Please note all Ideal Recruit colleagues also must then proceed upstairs and sign in on the Ideal Recruit dedicated signing sheets. This is to make sure all hours are recorded correctly at all times. Please note all colleagues must work until the end of their shift as instructed by their DMs. No one should be waiting at the swipe machine prior to the end of their working period.

Mobile phones:

You are not allowed to use personal mobile phones or any other items of personal electronic equipment during your hours of work – while on the warehouse floor. Permission should be sought from your DM before making any outgoing or answering any incoming calls while at work. Failure to comply with the above will result in disciplinary-action being taken against you.

If you have any follow up questions or are experiencing any issues while at work, please contact your dedicated account manager at your earliest convenience. We’re always here to support you.

*1 (please note there might be occasions where you might be asked swap your working days for others or where you shift might be cancelled if volumes are too low)