Boohoo – Moving through the warehouse

Boohoo – Moving through the warehouse

Step 6 – Moving through the warehouse

  • SSoW Reference no. WH012 Related risk assessment ID no.(s) RA0013/RA0021
    Department/location Warehouse Task/activity Movement through warehouse
    Date of original completion. 21/06/2016 Date of review. 21/05/2017
    Department/location Health and Safety Manager/Operations Manager
    This Procedure is deemed to be
    But has the potential to become higher risk if the safe system of work is not followed.
    Main risks identified from risk assessments Collision with picking trolleys/MHE Personnel with impaired vision or hearing Unauthorised access to warehouse Untrained personnel operating site equipment Wet, slippery surfaces Poor housekeeping Falls from height Failure to safely evacuate from site in an emergency
    PPE requirements Hi-Visibility vests Safety footwear
    SAFE SYSTEM OF WORK If at any point whilst undertaking this task you experience/witness any unsafe acts, inform your line manager immediately. Only trained operatives are authorised to perform this task. Correct PPE must be worn at all times. No phones, IPod’s, mp3 players or any other form of music player to be used in the warehouse.
    Purpose To ensure the safe movement of pedestrians around the warehouse
    Scope The warehouse consists of narrow corridors in which operators are moving through frequently carrying out their duties. We also have various pieces of MHE on site in frequent use. You must be aware at all times that these pieces of equipment are potentially in operation around your area, although we do have systems and procedures in place to minimise the risk to pedestrians.
    Health and safety
    • Before entering the warehouse ensure you are wearing the correct PPE as described above.
    • Only enter/travel through clearly identified areas. Be aware that there is MHE operating in close proximity to pedestrian areas, although pedestrians do have right of way you must always wait until the MHE operator stops and acknowledges your intentions.
    • Only enter the warehouse by way of the pedestrian doors, never attempt to walk through a bay door or a fire exit door (fire exits are to be used only in an emergency situation).
    • Always walk, never run! Ensure you give yourself enough time to clock in for the start of your shift allowing you move through the warehouse safely.
    • Any person who has impaired vision or hearing must be accompanied in the warehouse by an authorised and trained person.
    • Any obstructions to pedestrians/MHE/operational and safety equipment must be cleared immediately, if for any reason this is not possible then this must be reported to the Management/Facilities team. This includes, but is not limited to, pallet trucks, pallets, trolleys and boxes.
    • Ensure you are familiar with the fire exits/routes and assembly points, these will be identified to you on your induction, if for some reason you need to be reminded you can speak to your team leader who will clarify for you.
    • operate a ‘clean as you go’ policy, if you see any litter/items on the floor you must deal with them accordingly (if it is safe to do so) and place in the appropriate location (There are clear plastic bags at the end of most aisles).
    • Avoid walking through/moving a trolley through any water or spillages, walk around it if safe to do so and report it to the management/facilities team.
    • There are numerous signs strategically placed around the site, these will highlight any potential hazards so they must be observed and the instructions followed. If you see another individual failing to acknowledge or adhere to the safety signs in place then you should brief the individual accordingly.
    • There are areas within the warehouse dedicated for the housing of MHE and the charging stations, these areas will be clearly marked and should not be entered by any persons unless they have gone through the appropriate training.
    • Due to the nature of operations there is a lot of trolley movement in and around the aisles, always be conscious of your surroundings and the fact that trolleys/personnel may be exiting these aisles. To avoid any collision always try and allow plenty of room for the manoeuvring of equipment in these areas.
    • Whenever you are using the various stairs located around the site you must walk up/down them and maintain 3 points of contact at all times.
    • You must not bring any open drinks/liquids through the warehouse as you can unintentionally cause a slip hazard. If for some reason you do spill any liquid you must make sure you report it, do not leave it for somebody else to report. You can take drinks around with you but they must be in a clear sports bottle and only contain water.
    • Do not tamper or use any equipment on the site unless you have been trained on that piece of equipment and signed off as competent on said equipment.
    • Whilst moving on the upper floors, do not lean over the railings or pass items through the railings.
    • The railings are not resting points and therefore should be treated as such.
    • There are ‘pallet gates’ at various points along the mezzanine floors, be aware of these points and ensure you have sufficient head room when passing.

    Confirmatory questions and sign off

    Please read the following questions carefully and answer using the information trained out to you and detailed in the attached documents.

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