Boohoo – Use of a goods lift

Boohoo – Use of a goods lift

Step 2 – Use a Goods Lift

  • SSoW Reference no. WH001 Related risk assessment
    ID no.(s)
    Department/location Warehouse/all areas Task/activity Use of goods lift
    Date of original completion. June 2016 Date of review. June 2017
    Manager owning process Training manager
    Description of activity/task Safe use of the Lodige goods lift
    Equipment or machinery
    to be used
    Lodige goods lift
    This Procedure is deemed to be
    But has the potential to become higher risk if the safe system of work is not followed.
    Main risks identified from risk assessments Loading/unloading the lift -Manual handling injuries whilst loading/unloading
    Impact injuries/trapping whilst opening and closing the doors
    Unauthorised tampering with electrical equipment – Electrocution, Electrical burns
    PPE requirements Hi-Visibility vests
    Safety footwear


    If at any point whilst undertaking this task you experience any difficulties or are unsure, cease the task and inform your line manager immediately.

    Only trained operatives are authorised to perform this task.

    Correct PPE must be worn at all times.

    All relevant checks are to be carried out and logged.

    Purpose To ensure the safe operation of the Lodige goods lift.

    The Lodige goods lifts are used to transport trolleys and pallets between floors. Due to the design of the lifts there are no controls inside the lift itself, for this reason no employees, visitors or contractors are allowed to use the lifts unless in a medical emergency.

    The maximum safe working lifting capacity of the lifts is 1000kgs and under no circumstances should this be exceeded. The maximum loading capacity of the lifts is either 5 trolleys or 2 pallets. The height of anything must not exceed 1.9 metres.

    Standard operating procedure
    WH001 Use of goods lift image 1 Before opening and closing the doors, make sure the area is clear of any personnel. Use the handles provided when opening/closing the doors and ensure that you do so without using excessive force and always under control. Anyone witnessed using excessive force may be subject be disciplinary action.
    WH001 Use of goods lift image 2 Press the number for the floor you require and using the stairs, make your way to the relevant floor.
    WH001 Use of goods lift image 3 Place the trolleys or pallets in the lift as far back as possible. If you are using a pallet truck between floors you must ensure that the pallet is lowered all the way to the floor and that the handle is turned 90 degrees to stop any movement between floors.
    WH001 Use of goods lift image 4 In the event of an emergency you can press the large red button, after doing to you must report it to your line manager. You are not to use this for any other reason, misuse of this emergency button may result in disciplinary proceedings.
    WH001 Use of goods lift image 5 Under no circumstances should the red isolation switches located on the main panel be used to stop the lift. Anyone caught tampering with this control box or any switches located on the box may face disciplinary proceedings.
    WH001 Use of goods lift image 6 Remember that the only parts of the goods lift that you will use are the handles and the numbered operating controls. If at any point the alarm is triggered you must first check to make sure any equipment loaded beyond the laser curtain. If this does not solve the issue or you cannot open the door then raise the issue with your team leader.

    Confirmatory questions and sign off

    Please read the following questions carefully and answer using the information trained out to you and detailed in the attached documents.

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