Boohoo – Use of a picking trolley with steps

Boohoo – Use of a picking trolley with steps

Step 4 – Use of a Picking Trolley with Integrated Steps

  • SSoW Reference no. WH006 Related risk assessment
    ID no.(s)
    RA002, MH001
    Department/location Warehouse Task/activity Use of picking trolley with steps
    Date of original completion. 01/09/2015 Date of review. 01/02/2017
    Manager owning process Training Manager/Operations Manager
    Description of activity/task Use of new trolley with integrated steps
    Equipment or machinery
    to be used
    Trolley v2
    This Procedure is deemed to be
    But has the potential to become higher risk if the safe system of work is not followed.
    Main risks identified from risk assessments Poor housekeeping – slips/trips/falls, impact injuries, strains, sprains, bruising and lacerations.
    Collision with equipment/pedestrians – Impact injuries, strains, sprains, bruising, lacerations.
    Trolley failure – Strains, sprains, bruising, lacerations.
    PPE requirements Hi-Visibility vests
    Safety footwear


    If at any point whilst undertaking this task you experience any difficulties or are unsure, cease the task and inform your line manager immediately.

    Only trained operatives are authorised to perform this task.

    Correct PPE must be worn at all times.

    All relevant checks are to be carried out and logged.

    Purpose To ensure the safe movement and operation of the picking trolleys with the steps integrated used in the warehouse.

    The trolleys are used for the holding and transporting of goods while conducting your picking duties. The correct manual handling techniques must be used at all times when moving around the warehouse, there are handles provided on the top and rear of the trolleys to ensure you can safely negotiate corners. Operators need to also be aware that there are areas of the warehouse that have little visibility of corners; mirrors have been placed to reduce the risk of collision at areas of high foot traffic and should therefore be used. The operator must always remain in control of the trolley and must not push and let go of the trolley, this poses a serious risk to other operators in the area.

    Health & Safety

    You need to make sure you carry out pre-use checks; this is just a quick visual check to ensure the trolley is fit for purpose before taking it out. Check to make sure everything shown below is present and in good working order. If you find a defect when carrying out your pre use checks then you must report it to you team leader so it can be removed from service. All damaged and out of service picking trolleys will be kept in chamber D; under no circumstances should you remove and trolleys from that area unless you have been directed to do so by management.

    Use the correct manual handling methods as shown in your induction, this has to be adhered to at all times.

    Standard operating procedure
    WH006 Picking from trolleys with integrated steps 1

    Points to note

    • You must ensure you can see in your direction of travel at all times.
    • Always travel at walking pace and do not run.
    • Before using the built in steps you MUST ensure the trolley has come to a complete stop.
    WH006 Picking from trolleys with integrated steps 2

    Movement of the trolley

    • When turning corners, it is advised you use one handle on top of the trolley and one on the rear.
    • Keep your body on the outside of the turn so you can see other team members operating in the area.
    • You should always look at your intended route before pushing your trolley down an aisle.
    WH006 Picking from trolleys with integrated steps 3

    Movement around the aisles

    • Due to the size of the aisles you must use the one way system and travel in the direction indicated.
    • You must not leave your trolley at the end of an aisle; the trolley must always go with you.
    • Do not leave your trolley in a position where it will obstruct any fire safety equipment.
    • Always be aware of your surrounding environment and floor conditions.
    WH006 Picking from trolleys with integrated steps 4

    Picking whilst using integrated steps

    • Use the large handle on the top of the trolley as a marker when pulling up to your picking location.
    • The handle should sit just past the box which you intend to pick from (as shown in the picture)
    • Step onto the ladder, making sure the steps lower fully to the floor.
    WH006 Picking from trolleys with integrated steps 5

    Picking whilst using integrated steps

    • Adopt a stable position, and slide the box toward you.
    • Tilt the box down at a 45 degree angle, making sure the weight is supported.
    • Take the correct item from the box and place onto the top of the trolley.
    • Once you have what you require slide the box back into its original location.
    WH006 Picking from trolleys with integrated steps 6

    Carrying out the clock face check

    • If the box you are picking from is empty you will need to carry out the clock face check.
    • Remove the empty box and place this on top of the trolley.
    • Check behind the boxes by sliding them along the shelf, ensuring they go back to their original location once checked.
    • Place the empty box back into its location.
    Trolley pre-use check list (visual)

    These checks must be carried out before you start your pick. The pre use checks themselves only take a matter of minutes to complete and by doing these checks we can reduce the risk of injury to yourself and others.

    WH006 Picking from trolleys with integrated steps 7 WH006 Picking from trolleys with integrated steps 8
    1. Put your full body weight onto the ladders to ensure the springs operate
    2. Check the feet of the steps have the rubber plates underneath.
    3. Ensure there are 24 trays inserted, clear of contents and un-damaged.
    4. Wheels are free moving and clear of debris.
    5. Ensure the bag located on the front of the trolley is firmly attached, clear of any contents and the bolts are in place.

    Confirmatory questions and sign off

    Please read the following questions carefully and answer using the information trained out to you and detailed in the attached documents.

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