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Director & Senior Management

Led by our highly experienced director and his senior management team , we offer a confidential, bespoke and customised package to organisations of all sizes to meet their senior level recruitment needs across all disciplines.

From traditional recruitment campaigns, through to retained assignments and confidential headhunting, our aim is to take our professional, yet innovative, approach and ensure we supply only the very best and most appropriate candidates.

Our standard recruitment consists of a meticulous interview and assessment process, and we follow that much more so here for such senior positions. The wrong candidate and a poor performance can do much damage to a business of any size, so in addition, we go through candidate screening, psychometric and personality profiling, and competency and ability testing until we are able to short list a very select list of suitable candidates, which are all fully qualified, experienced and reference checked before we put them forward to you for your consideration.

We believe it is important to understand the culture and goals of an organisation, and even more so at the most senior level, so we take the time to meet you, and to thoroughly understand the business, your strategy and plans, your strengths and weaknesses, and any areas identified for improvement. We then turn our attention to the type of candidate you require, armed with the knowledge that we can then bring you exactly what you are looking for.

We look at your business closely to identify exactly what you need from a high level management candidate and ensure that anyone we provide for interview is of the highest calibre, with experience and knowledge that can close any knowledge gaps you may have, and truly fit and enhance your business, ensuring that you reach your goals.

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