GXO Merlin – Maths and English Questions

GXO Merlin – Maths and English Questions

  • Please complete the following questions to the best of your knowledge. The information you give will be kept entirely confidential and is needed to secure the safety to you and others. Any points of uncertainty can be taken further and discussed

  • Maths and English Competency Test

  • Spot the mistakes in the below text

  • Read and Response

    Texas Superstore has recently noticed the safety awareness in the store has dropped so new policies have been put in place to help. There is now a fire alarm test every Thursday at 9am where you should meet at point A in the car park in the blue section.

    Texas have also a strict policy on PPE that you now have to wear the following 3 items at all times when in store.

    - Safety shoes
    - Hi Vis Vest
    - Gloves

    Finally Texas have a new procedure in place where if you are to have an accident at work you must leave everything how it is and go tell your manager straight away. This is so that the health and safety manager Steven on site can manage accidents better and help them not to happen again in the future.