Essential Information:

  • Bank Details:

All colleagues working for Ideal Recruit MUST have their own bank details – either in their own name or joint accounts. Please note you WILL NOT be paid if you fail to provide your account details. If you haven’t provided your bank details on your interview – you will have to EMAIL them to our payroll manager Jade Barker at PAYROLL@IDEAL-RECRUIT.COM – include your full name, your bank name, account number, sort code and your valid mobile number. We are UNABLE to update your details any other way.

  • Absences:

All absences must be reported to your dedicated account manager at least 2 hours before the start of your shift. Failure to do so will result in UNEXCUSED ABSENCES which will lead to disciplinary action or/and dismissal. If you’re late for your shift, always notify your dedicated account manager/consultant.

  • Signing In and Out:

It is your responsibility to SIGN IN (either using fingerprint scanners, hand scanners or sign in sheets) at the start of each shift and SIGN OUT at the end of each shift. This includes your training days, please make sure you’re signed in.  Failure to do so may result in pay queries.

  • Holidays:

in order for you holidays to be paid, you must request these directly with your Ideal Recruit representative who will provide you with authorisation. Once authorised by your dedicated account manager,you will have to request your holiday on our dedicated Holiday Email Address.

When requesting a holiday, send an email to holidaysliverpool@ideal-recruit.com and state your full name, work place and your specific holiday request. All holiday requests must be submitted by each Friday 12pm in order for them to be processed on the following week.

  • Payslips:

all of your payslips will be issued automatically by payroll. In order for you to receive your emails correctly, you must fill them out using capital letters in our application form and they must be readable. If you wish to update your email address or you’re not receiving your payslips, please contact your dedicated account manager/consultant who will assist and raise a query for you.

  • P45s and outstanding holidays:

must be requested via email on our Holiday Email Address.

The email must be containing your full name, work place and your request. The Holiday Email Address is holidaysliverpool@ideal-recruit.com. All requests must be submitted by each Friday 12pm in order for them to be processed on the following week.