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On-Site Solutions

The Ideal Recruit On-site Solution has been designed with large projects in mind and provides you with a recruitment partner right by your side with one (or more, as needed) of our highly experienced contract managers on your site, for sole, dedicated use on your job.

This is our full service, completely scalable solution, designed to take away any need for you to get involved in day-to-day recruitment and staffing issues, with full payroll, personnel and candidate management services included. We can run assessments and interviews for new employees or temporary staff on site, as needed, and then manage the candidates through the whole intake and induction process, co-ordinate with your training department and the department or team where the new staff will be located, and set up personnel files and payroll for them – all without you having to lift a finger.

We will also manage sickness levels, deal with day-to-day staff concerns and problems, and conduct performance review interviews with staff, either alone or with your team leaders or managers, to suit.

We will also meet with your team regularly to discuss how we can improve our service even further, to check upcoming staffing requirements, to provide feedback from candidates and receive feedback from you, and to build close relationships with your management team to ensure we are meeting our service level agreement.

This solution opens communication channels and enables a better understanding of your requirements, speeds up the problem-solving process and allows for a tailored service that can meet your particular needs.

Our On-site Solution is all about adding value back into the supply chain and becoming a bolt-on function to your business.

Ideal Recruit focuses on providing outstanding service delivery through our operational excellence.

The benefits we can bring to your business through our on-site division are:

Convenience, by providing clear and transparent communication lines with a designated recruitment team.

Increasing the quality and productivity of your temporary workforce. Thanks to our knowledge of your business, combined with our knowledge of our business, we can drive significant efficiencies in this area leading to overall cost reductions.

Quicker response to your needs, thanks to our dedicated team who are on your site.

Cost savings, through more efficient organisation of the recruitment process and taking related recruitment activities away from your day-to-day business activities.

Reduction in the pressure of managing a temporary workforce, through our team taking over the control of the day-to-day recruitment process.

Focused continuous improvement, through the ongoing commitment of our on-site team to seek out feedback from your teams as well as from our temporary workers.

‘On track’ efficiencies – by adhering to agreed key performance indicators, our on-site team will ensure that the solution delivers real efficiencies against a predetermined set of objectives.

If you’re handling a large project and would like some help with your recruitment, call us on 0161 742 2320.