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Ideal Recruit understands the importance of providing fully screened candidates and conducts a rigorous recruitment process before introducing any applicants to potential employers, ensuring the highest possible standard for candidates, and the security for your business of knowing that every worker, whether temporary or permanent, has been carefully interviewed and vetted before they are placed with you.

Without fail, Ideal Recruit meets and conducts a full, face-to-face interview with each prospective candidate. We tailor each interview to the role and to the industry the candidate will be going into, covering eligibility to work in the UK; skills; aptitude; job history; languages (where relevant); previous qualifications and training; any training gaps to be filled; previous experience; and industry-specific questions and competencies.

We also look closely at the personality and preferences of the candidates to make sure we don’t attempt to ‘put a square peg in a round hole’. We do everything possible to fit the best candidate, with the right experience and personality to the role you are recruiting for, in order to increase staff retention and reduce turnover, thereby saving your company time in terms of new recruitment and further staff training, and money which would otherwise be lost while getting replacement candidates up to speed.

Where needed for a particular role, we will also run a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check (formerly the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check), ensuring that any candidates we present to your company are suitable for the role, and able to handle finances or any sensitive company data and documents, without you needing to worry about their background.

Our five stage process guarantees that before they are ever put forward to our clients, all relevant background areas are checked. This rigorous process gives you the confidence and assurance of a successful placement.

How we do it:

The Ad call response is handled by the Contract Manager to determine suitability, and applicants are screened by set questions prior to being deemed suitable for interview.

A Numeric and Visual Accuracy assessment is then carried out by the Contract Manager, and candidates are expected to produce identification and all eligibility to work documentation, which is checked at this stage.

This is followed by a ‘one to one’ biological interview with the Contract Manager to further probe work history. If successful, the applicant undergoes the Ideal Recruit off-site induction process and completes health screening questionnaires and completes basic manual handling training (which they are issued a certificate)

Candidates are then issued with a personal copy of their Terms and Conditions of Temporary Work.

References are then taken and the candidates are then able to attend a site tour and second stage induction with the Contract Manager.

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