Victoria Plumb – Welfare Facilities Questions

Victoria Plumb – Welfare Facilities Questions

  • Welcome to the Victoria Plumb Induction process. The induction process is in 2 parts. The first part is a series of questions, on which a 100% pass rate must be achieved before proceeding to the 2nd part of the induction process.

    Please complete the following questions to the best of your knowledge. The information you give will be kept entirely confidential and is needed to secure the safety to you and others. Any points of uncertainty can be taken further and discussed

  • Welfare Facilities

    1. Toilets and washrooms are provided in the main foyer (upper landing and downstairs) and also in the warehouse. DC operatives must use the facilities provided in the DC warehouse.
    2. Showers are available in the gents or ladies' locker rooms or in the drivers block. The drivers block access is via the yard near dock door number 1.
    3. The canteen facility is located on the ground floor through reception. Vending machines, hot water dispensers, microwaves and fridges are available for use. We have a self-clean policy so please clean up after using the canteen and dispose of your rubbish in the bins provided. Cups, plates, glasses and cutlery are available but must be placed in the dishwashers after use (not left in the sink).
    4. There are water dispensers in the warehouse and these may be uses with the plastic cusp provided. Only drink at the water stations.
      Do not take food and drink on the shop floor at any time.

    This is a zero-tolerance site and all instructions must be followed.

    Any accidents, incidents or near misses must be reported immediately to a manager.

    If you have any concerns, issues or queries regarding health and safety, these must be raised at the earliest opportunity to the Health and Safety Manager or Shift Manager before carrying out any activities on site.


    • Ben Nunn (Health & Safety Manager) 07530 653281
    • Adam Pearson (Operations Admin Clerk - Reception)