Yodel Hatfield – Induction Form

Yodel Hatfield – Induction Form

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  • SSoW/01 - Workplace Transport and Access & Egress onto the Site

  • Yodel Job Task: Workplace Transport and Access & Egress onto the Site Office Icon Van Icon Warehouse Icon Truck Icon SSOW Number:
    Last Revised:
    Version 1
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    This task is aimed at the safe entering and exiting the site and for the safe movement around the site.
    Applicable General Risk Assessments 01,20,23.
    Please ensure that you click through and read each of the PDF Risk assessment downloads below.
    Failing to read through the attached documents will result in your failure to understand the safety brief and work place procedures and responsibilities.
    Thank you
    Rick Assessment 01 Rick Assessment 20 Rick Assessment 23

    Points Applicable to this Safe System of Work: -

    1. Correct PPE to be used/worn at all times, including gloves, Hi-Viz Coat or Waistcoat and Safety Footwear
    2. Follow all safety signage as displayed at the entrance and around the yard
    3. Pedestrians must always use the zebra crossing and marked walkways
    4. Pedestrians have right of way
    5. Only shunters may take trailers off-loading bays.
    Car Park
    1. The car park operates a strict 5 mph speed limit, pedestrians should follow the footpath to the main entrance gate and not pass the sign pictured. There is also a no smoking policy except for the designated smoking area. Drive Slow Sign
    2. Cyclists and motorbikes should park their bikes in the allocated area which is situated close to the entrance gates. Motorcycle Parking Sign Motorcycle Parking
    3. Park your vehicle in a parking bay, do not park in a visitors parking bay. Only registered disabled persons with a blue badge displayed in their windscreen may park in a disabled bay. Disabled Parking Space Visitors Parking Sign
    4. The rear of the car park is reserved for commercial vehicles only and private cars should not park in this area.
    5. When exiting the car park you must not pass the no exit sign which is painted on the floor. Drive Slow Sign
    Workplace Transport
    1. All Pedestrian personnel should park their personal vehicle in the car park and then enter the site via the turnstiles, Visitors will need to use the intercom situated on the right of the turnstiles (Fig 1), Employed Staff should us their I.D. Card on the readers (Fig 2) and Agency Staff will use the fingerprint reader on the left-hand side of the turnstiles (Fig 3). Security Keypads
    2. Visitors should then use the Zebra crossing, (do not use mobile phones whilst using the crossing) taking care as this is a vehicle movement area and enter Reception. Once in Reception the Visitors should sign in and be given a site induction. All non-Yodel visitors should wait for their Yodel representative and All visitors will need to wear Hi-Viz coats/waistcoats and safety footwear whilst in any operational areas. Pedestrian Crossing
    3. Employed Drivers, Warehouse Operatives any other personnel that do need access to the office block should use the Zebra Crossing, taking care as this is a vehicle movement area and follow the path that goes to the left of Reception around the front of the building and enter through the first door on your right.
    4. Drivers should then report to the transport office; warehouse staff should go to internal security which is situated at the end of the corridor which is also the entrance to the warehouse.
    5. When exiting the car park you must not pass the no exit sign which is painted on the floor. No Access
    6. The site operates a strict 10 mph speed limit, the site is also operating a one-way system. Hazard warning lights should only be used when manoeuvring, coupling/uncoupling a trailer or parking in a vehicle movement area. 10mph Limit
    7. When exiting the site, the same method should be used as entering, the use of the zebra crossing is mandatory and care should be taken concerning the moving vehicles. Exiting Vehicles must stop at the stop line situated before the zebra crossing and wait until the gatehouse is completely clear. Stop Road Sign
    Safety Footwear
    BS EN ISO 20345
    Y Hand Protection
    BS EN 388
    Y High Visibility Vest
    BS EN 471 Class 2
    Y Other (Please state below) N
    PPE to be worn in all operational areas. Hand Protection to be worn when necessary.

    Safe System of Work Briefing

    Activity Workplace | Transport
    SSoW No 01 Issue No 1
    Site Hatfield
    Date 29/01/19
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